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    The principles of good design includes the ability to enrich the qualities of a space, work with the existing landscape and design flexibility for future change. The development of a public space through changes in plan size, texture and colour can provide an area with a unique sense of identity.

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    Marshalls Priora is the UK's most popular permeable paving system. Based on over 12 years experience of successfully installed systems, we can now reduce the depth of the sub-base beyond those suggested by the BS, driving the cost from the system, saving you time and offering carbon benefits.

    Find out why Priora should be your first choice for any hardstanding requirement - and why the best selling SuDS system in the UK is now comparable in cost to traditional surfacing requirements.

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    Marshalls Machine Lay

    The construction industry is increasingly demanding the use of modern automated handling and installation methods to deliver safe working practices and assist in delivering projects on time and to budget. Marshalls is committed to leading the industry in the development of Machine Lay Concrete Block Paving solutions. These deliver new levels of speed, efficiency, quality and safety particularly on large project areas.

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Concrete Block Paving

Uniting both appealing aesthetics and durable performance concrete block paving is unrivalled in its versatility to provide the optimum surfacing solution across the broadest spectrum of applications.

Whether you require premium aesthetics to frame the finest contemporary or traditional architecture or a robust, technically engineered surface for heavy loading applications, Marshalls range of concrete block paving products will provide the ideal solution.

Marshalls Priora is the UK's most popular permeable paving solution. Permeable Paving allows rainwater to soak into the ground at source, where it replenishes the water table. This is an ideal sustainable drainage (SuDS) solution, which improves water quality, helps to mitigate flood risk and creates a healthier natural environment.

Marshalls Machine Lay concrete blocks offer new levels of installation speed, efficiency, quality and safety above traditional installation methods making it an ideal solution for large areas.

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We consider CPD to be an essential component of practice development. With the assistance and expertise of industry leading suppliers to our profession like Marshalls. Richard Barrett, RIBA; Director, EPR Architects Limited