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The Marshalls Design Space is an exclusive venue for architects and design professionals. It’s a space to explore and experiment with materials, colours and textures. It’s a space where imagination comes alive, and with a calendar of events, guest speakers and CPD seminars, it’s a space to learn too.


Michael Croxford Portrait Michael Croxford National Specification Manager
0777 649 0862

Mike Croxford has been at Marshalls since July 2003, when he joined the business as a Project Consultant dealing with architects and designers in the North West of England. Mike has steadily built his career within the business, focusing on the development of relationships with designers and supporting their designs through to completion on site. He has a wealth of experience in delivering public realm schemes, particularly in the run up to Liverpool’s Year as Capital of Culture in 2008, notably Liverpool Kings Dock Arena, Pier Head Canal Link and the Museum of Liverpool.

He is now responsible for the management of the National Specification sales force, design studio and technical team and his role at Marshalls involves him in various strategies, currently there is a large emphasis on the implementation of Marshalls BIM strategy. Since leaving University with a Business Administration Degree, and prior to working at Marshalls, Mike developed a career working in construction sales, previously with ADT Fire and Security and RMC Readymix. When he was young he was obsessed with Lego and Marshalls enables him to channel that inner child.

Jodi Balfourth Portrait Jodi Balfourth Practice Manager
0778 992 7013

Jodi graduated with a BA in fashion PR & Marketing and comes from a sales and management focused background.

Jodi joined Marshalls in 2015 to support the South East region of Marshalls. Her main responsibilities are to manage, organise and promote the London Design Studio, maintaining a playful, creative and educational environment which becomes an essential part of the product choice for the design community.

Working closely with the Marshalls Sales teams, specifically those in specification, to develop and promote the Design Studio; Jodi is responsible for fostering design community relations through events, open days and involvement in local initiatives.

Chris McNabb Portrait Chris McNabb Senior Project Consultant
0783 171 0165

Chris works for Marshalls as a Senior Project Consultant, managing the team of Project Consultants in the South-East of England. He is a Chartered Landscape Architect with 15 years experience of working on and delivering keynote Public Realm projects in the UK, Ireland and Overseas.

He has provided Project Consultancy services to prestigious practices in the heart of London’s Design Quarter and throughout Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Islington and Camden. Working closely with the Designer’s, he has a track record of providing innovative solutions through the integration of Product ranges with Design & Technical expertise, at every key stage of the project.

James Gosden Portrait James Gosden Project Consultant
0783 736 0753

James is a Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and has over 9 years experience as a Town Planner and Urban Designer, working in both the UK and abroad. James studied at Oxford Brookes University before working in the Landscape & Urban Design Team for Jacobs, a multidisciplinary consultancy, specialising in the design and delivery of major public realm projects. James also worked in New Zealand for a year as an Urban Designer for Auckland Council.

James moved to Marshalls in 2013, and now works as a Project Consultant in London and the South East. His role involves working closely with architects, landscape architects and engineers, helping to identify practical solutions and offering detailed advice about the various component parts of their projects, whether that be the paving, drainage, street furniture or lighting elements. With the assistance of the Marshalls engineers and design team, James aims to help create unique spaces that respond to local context and character.

Clinton Young Portrait Clinton Young Project Consultant
0783 669 5733

Clinton has worked in the construction industry for 30 years, 20 of those being with Marshalls.

During this time he has worked in various capacities within the business and has worked on a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from project management of the London Olympics for the business to his involvement with the Dublin Luas Light Rail scheme and successful generation of multi channel specifications and orders for the project.

Chris Haines Portrait Chris Haines Project Consultant
0758 085 0629

Following the completion of his Masters in Architecture and Urban Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, Chris joined the Marshalls team back in January 2015.

His typical duties include assisting with the delivery of projects from choosing the right materials for a job; its manufacturing and design aspects right the way through to financial and economic matters. Chris works with other Consultants, Architects, Planners and Engineers as well as some Local Authorities to enable a projects success.

He also has experience with working in various different scales from urban master planning right through to detail and construction design of a scheme. Chris has also worked on other notable projects all over London and the UK as well as luxury hospitality proposals in Morocco and Azerbaijan. His strengths are in management and leadership as well as communication and presentation. Chris is an ambitious individual with a positive mindset, where anything is achievable.

Paul Pennington Marshall Architectural Specification Manager Interiors
0781 421 2458

Paul has a wealth of experience having worked in the interiors/architectural sector for over 27 years. He has an eclectic taste in music, film & literature as well as the built environment and has studied marketing, philosophy and interior design in London.

His is role within the Marshalls natural stone commercial interiors team is to support the needs of professional architects and designers in selecting and sourcing the correct Natural Stone for any potential project.

Paul can as assist with both the sampling and the technical side of Natural Stone selection, as well as being able to assist with information on how to install the stone, the correct surface finish so as to minimise slip risk, and any ongoing maintenance concern.

Look out for Paul, who’ll be presenting Marshalls first RIBA approved CPD on Natural Stone for Interiors, a fast moving and energetic, interactive presentation covering the key elements to sourcing and selecting natural stone in a commercial interiors environment.

Tom Emerton Portrait Tom Emerton Pavement Engineer
0208 712 1335

Tom Graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering back in 2010 and after spending 18 months living and teaching in South Korea moved back to the UK to continue his career in the construction Industry.

Tom joined Marshalls in the summer of 2015 having spent the last few years working on site, supervising the construction of Highways improvement works along the south coast of England.

Tom’s role in Marshalls is to assist and advise our clients on the structure performance and build-up of pavement systems.

Matt Dolan Senior Regional Drainage Engineer
077 685 26073

Matt is a Chartered Civil Engineer and has worked at Marshalls for the last 18 years wholly involved in the drainage and water management areas of business as a Regional Drainage Engineer in London.

Living in the north of London he finds himself working with London Specifiers and Engineers virtually every day of the week.

Matt has a passion for the construction industry due to its constantly changing, challenging and dynamic nature.

Gavin Fancote Portrait Gavin Fancote Specification Manager Street furniture
0782 469 4542

Gavin has been a Landscape Architect for 18+ years and has worked for London based companies such as Broadway Malyan, Atkins, Whitelaw Turkington as well as being a freelancer. He joined Marshalls in January 2013 as a Project Consultant covering South London.

In September 2014, as part of the amalgamation of Woodhouse and Marshalls, Gavin took up the role of Specification Manager for Street Furniture covering the south and south east area.

Gavin is responsible for spreading the word of Marshalls Street Furniture amongst designers. Conversations are regarding specific projects and can involve discussions on any of the following; lighting, bespoke items, signage, protective street furniture/hostile vehicle mitigation, shelters, post and rail, traffic calming and cycle segregation, as well as our core products of seating, bins, bollards, cycle parking and tree grilles.

Roger Markham Business Development Manager Street Furniture
0776 478 1612

Roger has over 18 years experience within the Street Furniture Marketplace – dealing, successfully, over these years with TFL, ABP, Hampshire County Council, The M.O.D and the N.H.S. – to name a few.

Initially working for 5 years to help set up Vekso Street Design in the UK, Roger then moved to Broxap Street Furniture spending eight years as an Associate Regional Manager before moving to Marshalls in 2013.

As a Business Development Manager with Marshalls, Roger is now able to use all his experience within the canopy and cycle markets to develop existing products and help bring new designs to the Marshalls shelter and canopy offer. Roger works closely with Architects, Schools, Urban designers, Local Authorities and Main Contractors offering advice on the many options which Marshalls is able to supply, be it a walkway for an Airport or a cycle compound for a school - Marshalls can design supply and install all of these options.

Jason Taljaard Natural Stone Manager
0208 712 1335

Having worked in various construction related roles for the past 11 years, Jason joined the Marshalls Commercial Natural Stone team in 2012.

Jason’s role is to give architects, designers & contractors insight into our commercial natural stone offer; showcasing our various stone types available through Marshalls network of suppliers worldwide from imported to indigenous.

Jason has a proven track record working with all stakeholders from the initial conception of a project all the way through to the delivery.

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0208 712 1335


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There are regular events, CPD seminars and guest speakers at the Marshalls Design Space. With so much happening throughout the year, make sure you plan your diary and make sure you don't miss out.

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Calendar of events

1st October 2015

An Overview of Natural Stone

This seminar provides clients with a rounded understanding of the Marshalls Natural Stone offer for commercial applications.

Talking as an authoritative voice with over 100 years' experience the seminar covers both indigenous and imported material as well as the stone itself, how it should be used and the benefits each stone type can deliver.

8th October 2015

Lighting The Landscape Part 1

The first in a three part series of Lighting the Landscape. The seminar provides an introduction to lighting and the part it plays within everyday life.

Learning outcomes include an awareness of basic lighting concepts, an understanding of how lighting is designed and it’s integration with architecture.

15th October 2015

Introduction to Linear Drainage

Linear drainage offers designers a suitable alternative to traditional point drainage. Options range from discreet slot drainage to high capacity systems to cope with excessive run-off.


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The Marshalls Design Space is a multifunctional, bookable space that can be used to socialise, interact, think and create making life easier for architects; helping them to make important specification choices.

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At Marshalls we’ve invested considerable effort in partnership with designers & architects, in our continuous professional development programme which facilitates a structured sharing of knowledge across all aspects of a commercial landscape.

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