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Employee Engagement

  • At Marshalls, we're passionate about ensuring that no matter what role you're in or where you're based, you feel encouraged to be at your best. We're committed to helping colleagues feel valued, feel that their views count and that they want to go the extra mile, in helping our business grow and succeed.

  • Creating an environment where everyone can be at their best involves a number of ingredients which we actively work hard at.

    • Our leaders throughout the company place real importance on being visible and communicating how we’re performing as a company.

    • We actively involve colleagues in having a say in how Marshalls operates.

    • We really want our company values to be understood and talked about and for our behaviours to reflect our values.

    • We really value the role our people managers play in delivering our business agenda and bringing out the best in their team members.

Each year, we invite every employee to take part in the Best Companies employee engagement survey – it's their opportunity to be heard and to bring about positive change. Close to 90% of team members believe they can make a difference working here, which is a real measure of the pride we feel within Marshalls. So, from the moment you join, we will do all we can to support you being at your best.