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Working At Marshalls

  • Every

    individual is equally important

  • Our Values

    Our four values are:

    • Leadership – in the standards to which we aspire, including helping our colleagues fulfil their potential

    • Excellence – we want the best recruits who thrive in an environment where we seek to be better every day

    • Trust – the foundation of honest, open and collaborative relationships

    • Sustainability – building a business focused on sound ethical, environmental and social standards

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  • 'The Marshalls Way'

    Just as we have a strong product brand, which our customers can rely on and trust, we also have a recognised way of doing things and applying ourselves. It's what we call the 'Marshalls Way' and it’s about those things we pay attention to the most, including our Company values, to try to ensure that we are at our best in whatever we do. This is our model which shows what comprises the 'Marshalls Way' of operating.

  • If I join Marshalls what can I expect?

    We're the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of hard landscaping and related products and our aim is to improve and enhance physical spaces of all kinds, with aesthetically-pleasing, high quality solutions and products.

    So, whether it's a garden space, a driveway or a public/commercial landscape, you'll find we’ve got products and expertise to enhance any environment, whatever the scale or location.

    You'll also find a community of over 2,000 people working across a wide range of professional disciplines, based mainly throughout the U.K. but also Belgium, China and the U.S., all committed to making us a great company to be a part of.

    People tell us we're a friendly, supportive and collegiate business. We like to give people a chance to shine and to develop and to make a positive contribution. We're very committed to performing to the high standards we set ourselves and not accepting good enough as good enough.

    We're also serious about needing to be at the top of our game and continually improving, in whatever ways we can, by drawing on feedback and listening to our customers, suppliers and colleagues.