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Cast Stone


Whatever your requirements, all our Marshalls Bricks and Masonry cast stone sites follow the same quality assurance and communications procedures to ensure that your order is delivered to your total satisfaction.

Based on your location, the type of product required and its use, we will direct you to the relevant office. Your enquiry will be acknowledged and the process has begun.



Below we highlight the steps you'll go through as part of the cast stone ordering process, from quotations to deliver.
1. Quotations
Our estimators will assess the details provided and contact you should further information be required. Ideally they will need the following information:
  • Site address
  • Full set of dimensioned plans, elevations and sections through the building
  • Preferred profile sections of the units
  • Colour
  • Any delivery restrictions that may determine type of delivery vehicle

When this information is not available, our estimators will detail any assumptions they have made in giving you a price. In certain instances, our technical staff will help to prepare details at this early stage to avoid potential problems later in the process. You will receive a fully detailed quote indicating quantity, description and approximate weight of the units.
2. Ordering
When ordering, please bear in mind that generally it will take a minimum 4 weeks to process, manufacture, cure and deliver your order, which we can only commence once we have received your signed and accepted drawings for manufacturing purposes. Once drawings have been agreed we will advise you of our current lead times. On receipt, a technical manager will be assigned to assess the details and request any further information. We will advise you of solutions to any potential issues.
3. Technical & CAD detailing
In most instances we will prepare CAD drawings for your approval. Our experienced draughtsmen produce production drawings and, where applicable, layouts/location drawings to assist in the approval process and your on site management. Approximate weights are included to determine any handling issues.
4. Project Management and technical advice
At all times, a technical manager will be on hand to offer you technical advice, attend design meetings, assist in site programming and attend site to cover any issues arising. As well as being conversant with the latest regulations, and having a wealth of cast stone product and manufacturing knowledge and experience, your technical manager can advise on the interaction of your stone with other building materials.
5. Approval and production
Once production drawings and colour choice have been received, your order will be processed for production and you will be given an anticipated delivery date.

First your order will be processed through one of our specialist mould making facilities where your mould will be created and checked before being made available for production casting. All work is carried out by experienced staff in fully equipped factories. Your products are QA checked at the end at each production shift before being moved to a curing and packing area.
6. Curing and packing
Your products will have an initial 12 hour cure in a carefully controlled environment which is crucial to the finished quality. Further QA tests are carried out before packaging.

Products are protectively packaged on purpose made timber pallets and shrinkwrapped. The completed pallet will then be moved to one of our extensive storage areas to complete its necessary cure.
6. Delivery
Once cured, you will be advised that the product is available and we will confirm delivery arrangements to ensure your products are delivered to meet your requirements. Prior to dispatch your products will be subject to a final QA procedure.

Following delivery our technical managers will be available to answer any queries from the site team through installation to completion.