cast stone

cast stone used in Redding Wood, Falkirk

cast stone


At Marshalls, we are proud to be members of the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association (UKCSA) and actively ensure that all of our sites and the products that we supply fully comply with the UKCSA specifications, which exceed the British Standard BS1217 for cast stone by at least 40%.

As a result of research carried out in association with the University of Dundee, the standards developed by UKCSA ensure the strongest cast stone available. UKCSA was closely involved in producing the original British Standard for cast stone BS1217 in 1997 and 2008, which covers aspects including strength, water absorption, dimensional tolerances and design considerations.

The National House Builder Council (NHBC) issued guidance in its October issue of Technical Extra of the standards and use of features made from cast stone. It states that “all units should comply with BS1217, or the higher standards adopted by members of the UKCSA”. The guidance goes on to state, “while supporting BS 1217, the UKCSA recognises that durability and weathering characteristics are key issues for cast stone. In order to reduce the risk of problems associated with poor product performance and site handling, the UKCSA has produced its own standard, with a minimum mix design of 35 MPa”.

The UKCSA’s Technical Manual for cast stone is a fully revised and extended edition of the national standard reference for cast stone, and can be downloaded from here. It provides everything house builders need to know about the manufacture, design, specification and use of this attractive and versatile material.