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Together, it’s our job to turn the everyday into something exceptional; to build urban areas that are more welcoming, beautiful and inspiring. Through our diverse Street Furniture ranges we hope to be able to encapsulate your design philosophy but we understand that sometimes, creating a truly iconic space must start with a blank canvas...

Even if you can’t find what you need within our vast Street Furniture range, your options don’t end there.

Create something truly unique through our Woodhouse bespoke product solutions service.

A highly skilled team of product designers and engineers, with a wealth of experience of materials and processes, work on bespoke projects from concept through to intricate design detailing. With every element sourced, tailored or created around your project vision, our theoretical and practical understanding of urban space is unrivalled.

We love to stretch our creativity beyond the typical. Inspired by your vision, ambition and aspiration our open-minded approach means: ‘we will where others won't’ Have a project in mind? Get in touch