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Concrete Block Paving Marker Blocks
15 - 20kgCO₂/m²

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Derived from Marshalls Keyblok, concrete marker blocks can be used where road markings are required as an integral part of the landscape paving scheme. The product’s typical applications include car parks and adopted highways.
If your project requires a different approach, block types other than Keyblok can be supplied coated (to order) for an agreed quantity.

White concrete marker blocks are available for locations where high visibility indicators are required, such as busy highways and defining parking bays.

Colourtop Keyblok is suitable for highways where durability and permanent colour markings are a key priority, such as you’d find in loading bays and pedestrian crossings.

White Reflective Keyblok is suitable for traffic calming applications such as roundabout chevrons. Their reflective qualities are derived from a coated layer of glass beads.

All concrete marker blocks provide excellent slip-resistant properties. Call now or click to request a quote.

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