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New Marshalls Design Space in heart of Birmingham

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Thursday 29th August, 2019

For the past four years we’ve welcomed Specifiers and Clients through the doors of our Design Space in London and they’ve reaped the benefits. An inspirational space away from the office, a location for client meetings and seminars, and the only place where you can find all of Marshalls brochures, product samples and swatches in one place. And now we’re sharing the love – this time in Birmingham, the West Midlands, and beyond.

Opening this September, you’ll find our exclusive venue inside the prestigious 36 Bennetts Hill offices, in the heart of the central business district of Birmingham city centre.

So what will Marshalls Design Space bring to Birmingham and the West Midlands?

- An Open Space - room for our clients to create big ideas. A free bookable space in the heart of Birmingham      for creatives to interact and socialise

- A Space to Think - a personal space for some much-needed alone time to develop a project

- A Space to Explore and Experiment - where imagination comes alive with a range of material samples and        colour swatches to shape your work

- A Space to Grow – with on hand access to our design, specification and technical expertise.

Much more than just a Marshalls Showroom

While it’s true that we’ll have plenty of products on hand to inspire you, our Design Space will do more than simply sell. Step through the doors and you’ll find it just as stocked with ideas and concepts as it is with supplies. Some of London’s most exciting developments have been created, or adapted, from within the walls of our Design Space. So just think of what we’ll be able to achieve together in Birmingham. 

We open our doors this September– we’ll share more details on LinkedIn and twitter so make sure you’re following us.

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