Highway drainage to combat surface water flooding

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Wednesday 3rd August, 2022
Held last month, the World Environment Day 2022, is the largest international day for the environment, with the campaign slogan “Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature” UK Highway engineers have been urged to increase the focus on surface water treatment.

In the UK, we have all witnessed an increase in rainfall and extreme weather events and surface water flooding is a real and growing threat to property, both commercial and private, the economy and to life. 

This means surface water flooding is a growing risk, mixed with a growing population, and vehicles on the road, highway engineers need to find solutions to keep roads open and as ‘risk-free’ as possible.

Its not only the winter months when flooding occurs, the recent hot weather turned to storms and flash flooding in areas, where roads became dangerous and waterlogged.

Highway surface water drainage is collected within the road structure to secure the road surface dry of water, our combined kerb and drainage and channel drainage works to increase the stability of the road or highway and carry the collected water into the water management system.
But why is highway drainage so important?  The Met Office has reported an increase in the chances of extreme rainfall, which is only set to grow and whilst we can’t stop the rain, highway engineers can make it drain faster from roads.



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