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How the private sector can help in the fight against modern slavery – podcast

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Tuesday 7th July, 2020

As a result of our leadership in this space in June 2020 we were asked to take part in Crimestoppers’ national campaign to help tackle modern slavery. Our Business & Human Rights Lead, Elaine Mitchel-Hill, presented an informative podcast featuring Marshalls Transport Director, Nigel Basey and driver, James Eastwood. Elaine was also joined by special guests, Mick Duthy, Crimstoppers’ Operations Director and Paul Coffey, Head of Engagement, from the Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority, to talk about the #slaveryonyourdoorstep campaign.

All agree that transport and logistics operations are uniquely placed to help spot the signs of modern slavery and report safely. To find out more about the signs of modern slavery, how to report safely, and how to engage with #slaveryonyourdoorstep campaign please click below to listen and share with others where you can.

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