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Carbon Calculator

Marshalls is committed to achieving the highest standards of envionment performance, preventing pollution and minimising the impact of its operations.

The Marshalls' Carbon Calculator enables you to enter the details of your hard landscaping, by product and quantity. It then displays how many tonnes of embodied CO2 this equates to.

The Carbon Calculator measures CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent), encapsulating all greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and calculating using Life Cycle Assessment methodology from raw material origin to the disposal at the end of life (cradle to grave).

Carbon Footprint Brochure

Learn about Carbon Footprints, how the data is created and product values for your project.

Calculate Carbon Footprint

Total: 0.0kg CO2

As an example to offset this amount of carbon would require 0.00 trees

Calculations are based on 1 average-sized tree with a lifespan of 99 years being equivalent to 0.73 tons CO2

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Important Information

Marshalls is reviewing its carbon offsetting recommendations in line with DEFRA's Consultation on establishing a voluntary Code of Best Practice for the provision of carbon offsetting to UK customers. In the meantime, you can find out more about carbon offsetting at:

Climate Care

Climate Care supports DEFRA's active involvement in the voluntary carbon market. If DEFRA provides government endorsement only for compliance based offsets, Climate Care will offer such offsets to customers alongside existing emission reductions


co2balance uses Voluntary Carbon Offsets. All its projects are fully additional, transparent and verified.

Carbon Neutral Company

The Carbon Neutral Company offers offset projects that use both certified emission reductions (CERs) and verified emission reductions (VERs).

The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust can help organisations to navigate the offset market and advises to consider the purchase of only high quality offsets from verified projects that create truly additional emissions reductions.