Tom Rudd Beck, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9XR


Modular Flood Walls,
Redi-Rock™ Flood Protection

Project Brief
Cockermouth may have been badly hit by the flooding from Storm Desmond but one local resident was glad he chose Marshalls Civils and Drainage's Redi-Rock™ modular walling to protect his property from the Tom Rudd Beck.

Marshalls Civils and Drainage's Solution
Mike Wallis of Meadow Bank Close had the Redi-Rock™ flood protection walling installed by Ian Cannon Civil Engineering during 2014 due to the threat of flooding and was relieved to see it had done its job recently as this is the second time Cockermouth has been under water in recent years as it was badly affected by the 2009 floods.

Client Comments

John O’Gara, Marshalls Civils and Drainage's Specification Sales Manager said, “Redi-Rock walling is ideal for locations such as Cockermouth, where you want flood defenses to blend into the natural surroundings during the rest of the year but then to protect your property when flooding occurs and Redi-Rock does exactly that. It can be installed in any weather and into water and requires no maintenance afterwards and the cost savings are typically more than 30% better compared to other flood systems. I cannot believe I was paddling about in that water as we started on site and now its rushing passed the houses at quite a pace”

Mr Wallis commented “We were out when we heard about the flooding and just hoped that the wall held the water back and it has done just that, it’s taken a weight off our minds when we look around the neighbouring towns and villages and see what damage its done to their property. I would definitely recommend Marshalls Civils and Drainage's walling”

Cumbrian Residents Secured from Flooding
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