M6 Junction, West Midlands, CV2 2SL


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As a major highway, connecting the West Midlands to the rest of the country, the M6 currently experiences significant congestion and traffic delays, with road capacity highlighted as a huge problem, which many of us have experienced.

Working for the main contractors, John Sisk and Son, Pell Frischmann and Capita, were appointed in a joint venture, to deliver a detailed design for the upgrade of the 50-year old Junction 10.  The £78m upgrade is set to deliver two new viaducts and widen the carriageway to increase air pollution by reducing congestion.

To carry out the groundworks on the project, John Sisk have employed PL Infrastructure, who began work in December 2020 using our precast concrete below ground drainage solutions.

Included in the £310k water management products are 1500mm concrete pipes and manholes that were delivered to site during agreed carriageway times to minimalise disruption.

Concrete pipes were chosen over other materials as they offer a much more sustainable and durable solution in being able to carry more load and as they gain strength over time, an increased traffic load will not become an issue.

The superior strength of our flexible jointed concrete pipes also enables recycled aggregate and as-dug materials to be used as bedding, thus reducing the cost of imported materials and the vehicles needed to take away and dispose of the as-dug material and the environmental impact during installation.

The M6 Junction 10 project is a joint venture between Highways England and Walsall Council, supported by the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership and seeks not only to ensure the safety of users, but also to encourage economic growth.   The scheme is expected to attract 4,000 new jobs by attracting new business and developments into the enterprise zones served by the junction.
M6 Junction
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