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intelligent bollard on a street at night

Intelligent Street Furniture

Powered by pioneering M-LIVE technology, Marshalls supplies intelligent street furniture that is set to change the shape of public space as we know it. 

Available in selected pieces from our Loci range, this innovative street furniture works by detecting the presence of an intelligent tag and adjusting its display or function accordingly. 

As an example of our smart urban furniture in practice, the Loci Intelligent Lantern can tell if a nearby user is sight-impaired by what’s programmed onto their tag, and will brighten up to aid visibility. Likewise, the Loci Intelligent Monolith will display a user’s location when the tag is detected, helping them to find their way to the nearest point of interest or public transport system. Our interactive street furniture gives information both visually or audibly to aid the user depending on their needs. 

Marshalls can help you determine the best course of action to take in the location and siting of intelligent street furniture, to ensure users get the maximum benefit.