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Coda Luminaire

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The Coda luminaire represents a watershed in exterior luminaire design, performance and value.

The sleek aerodynamic body encapsulates a revolutionary heat sink design (patent pending) that allows effective heat transfer directly from the LED module to the surrounding air. This provides a truly unique, low profile and contemporary aesthetic whilst providing extremely low junction temperature for the cutting-edge, high output LEDs. Essentially this means long lasting, high performing and low energy consumption.

The highly efficient optical design features just one interface between the LED source and where you need its light most - on the ground. These customised optics also allow greater column spacing and a level of uniformity exceeding traditional discharge designs.

Great looking, exceptional whole life value and independently tested; delivering efficiency from the day of installation...
The Coda has been designed for unrivalled total cost of ownership for S (and P) class applications.
No technological gambles..
Furthermore, the unique heatsink design extends the LED service life whilst the flexible and modular design allows factory replacement of modules for future upgrades as LED technology progresses.
Flexibility for every project..
The Coda design houses 1, 2, 3 or 4 modules of LEDs that are assembled into the luminaire according to required light level and your chosen balance between initial purchase and ongoing energy costs.

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