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Steel and Timber Street Lighting | Marshalls (11)

Designed with more than function in mind, the Marshalls range of steel and timber lighting is the perfect complement to a carefully-considered public space.

We supply a variety of products from the Aubrilam range of street furniture, including several pieces of timber lighting which integrate into an urban space and provide effective lighting in a number of build styles.

Choose the Moshi or Silea column to light up a walkway, or the restrained elegance of a Sumu column to illuminate a courtyard or building entrance. The Dome column features a tapered cylindrical shaft fashioned out of timber, to add warmth to a space rather than the colder look and feel of an all-metal installation.

Marshalls can help make the planning process smoother by advising on the proper pieces of timber lighting to add the look you’re going for. Click below to request more information and a quote.

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