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Linear Paving at Marshalls (12)

Marshalls linear paving uses high quality natural stone to produce aesthetically pleasing and durable results, suitable for most commercial and residential settings.

Choose between Yorkstone and Cambrian sandstone for the required loading capacity – Yorkstone is supplied in three different units of thickness and can cope with varying weights, while Cambrian sandstone is best used on spaces that have occasional trafficking.

Linear paving can be laid single-file alongside other forms of paving to create an impressive visual effect – whether uniform or contrasting. Versatile linear paving is also available in single- or multi-colour layouts. These colour mixes can be specifically produced to meet your own requirements.

Different finishes are also available depending on which linear paving you want – choose from diamond sawn and Capital finish on the linear Yorkstone paving, and acid washed or blasted on the Cambrian sandstone.

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