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Moselden Yorkstone

Available in Paving Setts, Kerbs, Tactile, Steps, Water Management, Bespoke Street furniture, Masonry & Specials

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This hard durable Buff to Light Grey stone is Marshalls newest Yorkstone and brings a unique crescent shaped banded appearance in many pieces.

With high slip resistance this stone is highly suitable for both pedestrian and trafficked applications. Moselden is available as paving, setts, kerb, tactile, steps, water management special shaped paving and low level masonry veneers for planters and seats. As paving this is also available with a Capital textured finish to the top surface.

Produced to the highest standards both the Moselden quarry and the manufacturing works are ISO9001 accedited as well as being ISO14001 Environmentally accredited and OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety accredited.

All Marshalls Yorkstones are fully tested to the appropriate standards and are CE marked in accordance with the latest legislation. A warm hard wearing stone which has a proven history on schemes such as Whitehall in London.

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