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Conservation Priora Permeable Flag Paving

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Conservation Priora is the latest addition to Marshalls' market-leading permeable paving range.

The flag-sized units of Priora paving follow contemporary trends for large surfaces in public realm pedestrian spaces. A choice of three sizes can be laid in any formation, while the three complementary colours can also be mixed and matched freely – allowing landscape architects to easily achieve creative surfacing designs.

This premium aesthetic is underpinned by Priora paving's tried and trusted SuDS performance. Each flag features a series of carefully placed patented Priora nibs on its edge, which allow water to flow between the flags and into a specially prepared sub-base. The rainwater then either soaks into the ground at source, or is released into a water course at a controlled rate. This process reduces the risk of flooding and ensures a clean, safe and dry surface without the need for complicated point drainage systems.

Conservation Priora is ideal for pedestrianised areas, but has been engineered and tested to withstand occasional traffic of up to eight tonnes.

Speak with one of our experts today about how Priora paving can benefit your project.

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