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Cycleway Tactile & Cycleway Demarcation Flag Paving
16 - 17kgCO₂/m²

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Marshalls Cycleway Tactile Flag Paving is used to indicate the beginning or end of shared pedestrian/cycle routes which are not separated by different levels. It is also used as a central delineation strip running the length of the shared route to provide a false kerb for visually impaired pedestrians.

Guidance states:
– Laid transverse to denote the pedestrian path.
– Laid longitudinal to denote the cycle path.

Marshalls Cycleway Demarcation Flag Paving is used to alert pedestrians, including the visually impaired, to the proximity of a cycleway.

It provides a visual and physical indication to cyclists on the position of the central limit to cyclists and a visual and detectable underfoot warning to pedestrians.

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