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Fibre Reinforced Flag Paving
20 - 50kgCO₂/m²

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High volumes of traffic or poor installation can take their toll on paving over time, leading to damaged, broken or uneven flags that could potentially be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Marshalls Fibre Reinforced Flag Paving offers increased resistance to failure from impact and overloading, meaning longer-term performance and well-maintained aesthetics. Incorporating STRUX™ synthetic structural fibre reinforcement, the toughness and post-failure strength of the concrete flag is vastly increased. This unique, high-strength synthetic micro fibre reinforcement is added to concrete at the batching stage and controls cracking due to shrinkage during the drying process.

Even when unit failure does occur, the failed flags continue to perform, maintaining the long-term integrity and performance of the paved area for all its users.

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