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Saxon Textured Flag Paving
20 - 40kgCO₂/m²

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Marshalls Saxon Textured Flag Paving is blended with a hard Yorkstone aggregate to deliver a unique surface finish, the consistency of the textured surface ensures superb durability and non-slip properties. It is a popular cost-effective alternative to natural Yorkstone, offering similar colour tones  and still offering clients excellent non-slip properties in both wet and dry conditions.

Saxon has an extensive choice of sizes and thicknesses available, including Trafica formats and units incorporating Marshalls patented Fibre Reinforcement. This is a product suitable in all Scape applications and for variable loading requirements.

Marshalls innovations in concrete technology allows for paving on a grand scale which aesthetically suits large areas. New 1m² paving is trafficable and significantly reduces installation time and costs.

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