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Purple Paving & Paving Slabs (5)

For an eye-catching aesthetic and all-round versatility in any design scheme, Marshalls supplies purple paving products, and can provide guidance on effective use.

Our purple paving slabs range varies in their different finishes and textures. The skimmed type offered by the Conservation range draws out the colourful aggregates, achieving an enhanced colour finish on the surface. Conservation products also use almost 50% recycled material during production, aiding sustainability on Britain’s paved surfaces.

Celestia Smooth Ground flag paving creates a delicate yet eye-catching visual that performs well for slip/skid resistance, making it the ideal choice for busy public thoroughfares.

The collection of purple paving uses the latest production techniques to create unique surfaces that make the most of the materials’ natural qualities.

Check out the online Paving Designer tool to visualise your project using Marshalls’ range of products.

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