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450x450 Paving Slabs & Flags

We offer a broad and diverse range of 450x450 concrete paving slabs that are built for multi-purpose function across a variety of large-scale paving projects. Urban space regeneration, business park use, and city infrastructure development are just some of the primary uses of our 450x450 paving slabs.

Scaled down from our 600x600 range, our buff slabs at 450x450 are the perfect option if you wish to slot smaller square flags into your design, with a number of thickness options available to suit different usage levels.

What styles feature in the 450x450 paving slabs range?

  • Contemporary aesthetic: we offer an array of contemporary buff paving slabs at 450x450 sizing that combine outstanding technical performance with standout aesthetics. Our Conservation paving comes in three surface finishes and colours, able to bring any urban development to life. Our Rivero paving is a cutting-edge premium option that offers a unique contrast design. Finally, our Perfecta paving provides the perfect alternative to natural Yorkstone – combining clean aesthetics with brilliant technical elements.
  • Practical solutions: the Marshalls’ 450x450 range features a number of multi-application options. Our Saxon textured paving offers a unique surface finish suitable for any landscape application, while our Organa paving is a durable, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing option that’s fit for both pedestrian and trafficked areas. Our Coloured and Standard Pimple paving both maximise traction for skid performance.
  • Tactile: between our Tactile Blister and Tactile Hazard paving options, you’ll find intuitively designed 450x450 paving slabs that alert users to potential hazards up ahead. Our Hazard paving is primarily used at the top and bottom of steps, crossings and shared routes, while our Blister paving helps the visually impaired navigate urban areas.
  • Economical solutions: for cost effective utility grey paving slabs at 450x450 sizing, look no further than our Urbex paving. If you’re looking for a less expensive solution to our standout Conservation paving, our Charnwood Textured paving provides an economical alternative without cutting back on style or quality.