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Concrete Paving Slabs & Flags

Marshalls has been the leading concrete paving manufacturer in the UK since the company’s inception in the late 19th century. Perfect for high footfall areas both outdoors and under cover, our concrete slabs come in a diverse range of colours, sizes and textures to meet the demands of any environment.

Browse our concrete paving slabs below for products that deliver on both durability and visual appeal, creating urban spaces to be enjoyed, moved through and experienced for years to come.

What are the benefits of Marshalls concrete paving flags?
You can find our concrete slabs in prestigious public spaces, transport hubs, commercial centres, residential developments and many other applications. Here are just a few of the reasons why our range could be right for your project:

  • Quality: Our concrete paving slabs blend the aesthetic appeal of natural materials such as granite with the unbeatable consistency and durability of modern manufacturing techniques. You can trust them to deliver for the long term.
  • Flexibility: From contemporary blocks to more traditional pavers, we offer our products in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes to help you execute a design that is truly your own.
  • Forward-thinking: Excellence and innovation are essential to everything we do. From using recycled materials to considering environmental risks and upholding ethical standards, you can rest assured that our concrete paving flags are manufactured in the right way for everyone involved.

What types of commercial concrete pavers are available?
You can use our architectural concrete pavers to create the perfect landscape area around any building. With recycled blocks that promote sustainability and permeable pavers that allow water to efficiently drain between stones, choose from different styles including:

  • Contemporary: Options include large concrete slabs for clean, modern finishes and Modal and Myriad ranges for more eye-catching and creative designs.
  • Traditional: Our lightly weathered and smaller sized concrete slabs have been successfully installed across the country for decades - and counting.
  • Functional: Ranges such as cycleway demarcation, directional guidance, platform edge and hazard warning have the power to guide societal behaviours and protect those passing through.

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