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conservation kerb in a car park

Conservation Kerb from Marshalls

Marshalls offers a wide range of kerbs, precision manufactured for consistent long-term performance, and suitable for a variety of environments and applications.

Designed to create demarcation and provide a physical containment system for pedestrian traffic, kerbs can also help to improve the final aesthetic of landscape design.

Give any project a natural feel with Conservation Kerb. With its traditional dimensions and wider, squarer profile, it delivers an attractive aesthetic, combined with impressive durability.

Conservation Kerb combines the appearance of granite aggregate with a lightly textured finish, and contains up to 48.3% recycled material content.

The development project at BBC Media Village in London provides an excellent example of Conservation Kerb used in the construction of walkways and for clear marking of outdoor zones.

Offering a variety of unit types in two main sizes, commercial Conservation Kerb provides a contemporary delineation solution for modern urban development.

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