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Ollerton Festival Curved Seat

Curved benches and seating

At Marshalls, we understand the importance of practical and hard-wearing landscape furniture. Whether you need seating solutions for parks, playgrounds or office courtyards, there are options for every project in this diverse collection.

Marshalls’ range of curved benches and seating includes everything from two-seater options to larger configurations. It features items from award-winning designers like Terence Woodgate and Miguel Milá in wood, cast concrete and natural stone.

Integrated lighting adds a focal point or built-in planters provide added features to illuminate or decorate the scheme.

Marshalls has curved seating for every environment. The Ollerton Festival Curved Seat is a perfect example of the functionality of curved benches. Featuring either a 70 or 140mm leg diameter, it can fit into a multitude of spaces, and can be surface or wall mounted depending on the project.

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