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beany block roadside in Blackpool

Drainage channel solutions for effective water management

At Marshalls, we understand the ever-growing demand for more cost-effective and easy-to-install drainage channel systems.

We can provide a comprehensive drainage package for your project, from design through to installation. Establishing the hydraulic capacity and loading requirements will help you to select the right drainage channel for the job, and our range offers solutions from light domestic use to heavy industrial options.

For low capacity drainage channels, Drexus Pave Drain is available in a variety of finishes including natural stone and premium concrete.

The reliable Beany Block, a combined drainage and kerb system for excellent medium to high capacity drainage channel solutions, is a trusted and highly effective easy-to-install option. It enables a load classification up to E600.

For high capacity and heavy-duty projects, Drexus XL provides polyethylene linear drainage channels designed to require minimal maintenance and blend into concrete surfaces.

Explore Marshalls' extensive range today.