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Builder laying screed

Floor screed from Marshalls

If you are looking for the right floor screed product for your construction project, browse Marshalls' extensive range. As well as traditional screeds, we offer fast-drying screeds, thin-layer screeds, self-bonding screeds, heavy-duty screeds, tile-bedding screeds and fibre-reinforced screeds.

For a fast-drying floor screed mix, try performance product Premier Screed, which contains polypropylene fibre-reinforcement for strength, or rapid-drying semi-dry sand and cement Advance 5 Screed.

Thin-layer ptions include self-bonding Polymer Screed, which gives high performance at reduced thicknesses, and Premflow, a free-flow, pump-applied screed, which is made with an anhydrite binder instead of cement for easier, faster laying.

For heavy-duty applications consider Premier Screed HD, which has been developed specifically for industrial and commercial use. For a fibre-reinforced concrete floor screed, try Premier Screed or Fibre Screed for enhanced durability and reduced shrinkage.

Browse the full range now or talk to a member of the Marshalls team so we can help you identify the right floor screed mix for your requirements.