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despina granite paving laid outside a building

Wide selection of durable granite paving

Granite’s qualities of high strength and durability make it an ideal material for a huge variety of projects.

Whether it be the revitalisation of an historic area or the development of a modern business district, Marshalls’ selection of granite paving slabs can be used to add a touch of colour and contrast to an existing build, or it can set the tone for an entirely new venture.

What types of granite paving is available?
There are many different types of granite paving, depending on the percentages of minerals that make up the rock, and here at Marshalls we’re proud of our range of granite paving, which is available in a wide variety of colour tones and thicknesses. Not only that, we also offer diversity when it comes to pricing, meaning that no matter what the details of your development are, we’ll have the granite pavers to suit any budget. You'll find standard plan sizes ranging from block paving to large flag sizes - we can also offer bespoke sizes on request.

What other materials can granite paving be used with?
Marshalls’ granite paving can provide the perfect complement to other materials including wood, glass or steel, and the versatility of our selection means it can be put to good use shaping or enhancing the landscape around any building.

For example, Marshalls silver-grey Sodermalm Granite is suitable for all types of pedestrian and vehicular trafficked areas, while the new range of microporphyritic Kreuzberg Fine Picked Granite comes in shades of dark grey, and sophisticated finishes including fine picked, polished flamed and brushed.

Our newer granite block and flag paving products include the hard-wearing, pink Taksim Granite or if you’re looking for something darker, our Vega Granite paving flags come in three different finishes, enabling you to add that practical, sophisticated touch to your project.

Choose the right granite paving slabs for you
Whatever your granite paving requirements are, here at Marshalls we’ve got the solution that’s right for you, so why not browse our full range of granite paving slabs or simply get in touch with us today.

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