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Linear Paving

At Marshalls, we use high-quality natural stone for our hard-wearing and long-lasting linear paving. This makes each slab suitable for both commercial and residential settings.

What is linear paving?

Linear paving is a paving style that uses thin, long rectangular slabs. It is this slender appearance that gives them their name.

Our range incorporates different textures, colours and finishes, while also delivering on durability and overall aesthetic.

What are the benefits of choosing linear block paving?

For commercial projects that require detailed work, the right paving choice can elevate the design and transform the overall feel of the space. Linear paving in particular can have this effect.

Thanks to their elongated shape, it is possible to lay the slabs to form lean horizontal lines that generate the impression of depth. This makes this style especially popular for small projects where narrow areas need to be opened up and create the illusion of being wider than they are.

How to choose the perfect linear paving

The Marshalls linear paving range has a variety of colours and finishes. If you have a colour or material in mind, it is possible to shop by these details using the filters to the left of the page.

To begin, there are a large variety of colour tones available. Choose from blacks and blues, classic creams and stormy dark greys. The colours you opt for will depend on your commercial scheme and its design. It is also possible to select by style and thickness, which gives the customer lots of choice when designing the scheme.

There are different finishes available, too. You can also choose from Diamond Sawn and Capital finishes on Yorkstone paving, and Acid Washed or Blasted on Cambrian sandstone. Again, the one you select for the job is down to the look you are trying to achieve.

What materials are used for this paving?

In addition to being able to select by the filters listed above, you can also choose by material. While all offer the highest quality and a robust surface, the materials we use for our linear paving  each offer something different. There is the solid concrete option, modern ceramic, Cambrian sandstone or Yorkstone.

If you need something that withstands heavy loading capacities, choose between Yorkstone and sandstone for the required loading capacity. Yorkstone is supplied in three different units of thickness and can cope with varying weights, while Cambrian sandstone is best used on spaces that have occasional trafficking.

We have four sandstone products in the range: Grishma Blend, Hemant Blend, Sharad Blend and Vasanta Blend.

Can linear paving be used to create patterns?

One of the most striking features of linear paving is its versatility. Due to their slimline look, they sit beautifully alongside other forms of paving to create an impressive visual effect – whether uniform or contrasting. Linear paving is also available in single or multicoloured layouts, so it is possible to get creative.

Getting the design to work for you

If you want to find out more about the range, we have an expert team that is ready to advise you. We can offer advice and consultancy services across our linear block paving products, so we can help with your project. Browse the collection and get in touch with us today.