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Natural Stone Setts

To provide a unique look for public walkways and other trafficked areas, consider the range of natural stone setts available from Marshalls. We supply a number of stone types in sett form, giving you a wide variety of options to ensure the look and feel of your scheme is consistent from the ground up.

To help you select the most appropriate natural stone setts, consider how the overall colour scheme will look, and choose a finish that’s suitable for public use to avoid the risk of slips and falls.
Generally, granite has either a flamed or fine picked top, and several colours are often mixed together to provide an aesthetically pleasing blend. Yorkstone natural stone setts can be diamond sawn but are generally supplied as a tumbled finish, while Porphyry’s unique look and feel comes from being hand split on all sides.

Take a look at our natural stone case studies to help you choose the most desirable product for your project.

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