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RhinoGuardĀ® RhinoBlok seating at Windsor

PAS 68 standard bollards and barriers

Marshalls supplies and can advise on the effective placement in commercial areas of vehicle barriers that can withstand impact certified to PAS 68.

PAS 68 is a performance classification for vehicle security barriers. During testing, they are subjected to a horizontal impact to replicate the force of an oncoming vehicle. These barriers can then be deployed to restrict vehicle access and prevent attacks on pedestrian areas or vulnerable buildings.

RhinoGuard™ Ferrocast bollards can be designed in almost any style to complement any landscape and meet individual project requirements. PAS 68 bollards can fit with an existing traditional theme, or create a more unique contemporary styling.

Choose from a variety of PAS 68 standard products for effective protection and function. PAS 68 anti-ram measures can be specified as landscape features, like planters in cast concrete mixed with Italian marble aggregates.

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