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Split face sandstone walling


For the appearance of a high quality stone face at an affordable price, Marshalls provides reconstructed walling products in a number of different colours and finishes.

Suitable for installation on both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, reconstructed walling can transform any promising build into the genuine article, and uses the finest natural stone quarried from around the UK. Stone sourced within the region adds both sustainable benefit and a touch of local character to each project.

Reconstructed walling is provided in either a split-face, pitched or tumbled finish depending on the stone you’re using. It’s produced using a hydraulic press to ensure durability, while the high density of the stone product means a higher degree of accuracy during installation, so you can expect to save time throughout the build.

Marshalls can provide advice on the best use and placement of reconstructed walling – request a quote to find out more.