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red granite in shopping centre

Reds/Pinks Paving

There are many practical and aesthetic applications for red and pink paving slabs – from flag paving to directional guidance. As well as supplying a wide range of paving slabs, Marshalls can advise on their best use in any new design and build.

Pink paving slabs are most recognisable in their use as tactile flag paving, seen everywhere from rail platforms to busy traffic crossings. Their blister surface helps blind and partially-sighted users to exercise caution, while the vibrant colour can also help those who are partially-sighted to be aware of the conditions.

Similarly, pink or red paving bricks can be used to delineate safe pedestrian areas from busy roads, particularly where additional street furniture such as bollards are placed as a safety measure.

In addition, Marshalls’ Paving Designer tool helps you to visualise your public space build using pink or red paving slabs as a simple yet aesthetic solution in residential and commercial areas.