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steel bollard as a permemeter protection

Steel Posts

Protective steel posts can ensure pedestrian safety and secure spaces. The Marshalls range is tested to BSI PAS 68 standards and built to withstand impact from anything from a saloon car to an 18-tonne truck.

You can use robust steel posts to protect buildings at risk of vehicle collisions, or add visual interest, demarcation and wayfinding solutions to pedestrianised areas.

Many of our protective steel posts include reflective banding – but you can customise the finish to your specific requirements, with galvanised steel one of many design options.

Our steel posts are also manufactured to bespoke heights and depths, to overcome any excavation challenges on your site. For example, the RhinoGuard PAS68 75/30 Shallow Mount requires only 152mm of excavation – around 75% less than other anti-impact steel posts.

Whether you need to add protection to a retail complex, sports stadium or airport, Marshalls’ highly durable protective steel posts meet all requirements when it comes to protection and safety. Browse the range now.