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scoutmoor natural stone insitu outside with fountains and statues

Natural Yorkstone paving from Marshalls

Yorkstone has been a favourite choice of paving stone for centuries due to its versatility and strength.

Aesthetically pleasing in almost any application and extremely durable, Yorkstone paving can be used in small or large-scale projects.

With its outstanding technical properties, this stone was originally supplied as hand-split. Now manufactured with modern techniques, Yorkstone paving is mainly supplied in either Diamond Sawn or a light, textured finish such as Flamed, Crested or Capital.

Their durability means Yorkstone paving slabs are regularly used in bigger spaces. Scoutmoor Linear is a favourite, available in plank paving style for these larger areas, with units from 150mm to 300mm wide.

With a proven track record of longevity, strength and slip resistance, Marshalls’ Yorkstone paving offers superb quality alongside stunning looks. Browse our Yorkstone products now.