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scoutmoor natural stone insitu outside with fountains and statues

Natural Yorkstone Paving & Slabs

Aesthetically pleasing, extremely durable and suitable for a wide range of applications – Yorkstone paving has been a premier choice of pavers for centuries. Marshall’s Yorkstone supplies remain a firm favourite in the commercial market thanks to their quality, strength and versatility.

Our Yorkstone paving is a variety of hard-wearing sandstone created in the quarries of Yorkshire and Lancashire, designed to be used across both the construction and landscaping industries. As one of the best-loved paving materials out there, you’ll see Yorkstone block and flag paving feature on everything from home driveways to popular city landmarks.

What are the benefits of using Yorkstone paving?

  • Attractive and adaptable: our new Yorkstone paving is supplied in finishes such as Fine Sawn, Diamond Sawn, Flamed and Capital. Its diversity means it can sit just as well in a contemporary layout as it does in a more traditional setting, offering timeless class to any aesthetic.
  • Exceptional durability: with a proven track record of longevity, strength and slip resistance, Marshalls’ Yorkstone flags offer outstanding technical properties that provide superb quality alongside stunning visuals.
  • Hugely versatile: the durability of Yorkstone paving slabs means they are regularly used in bigger spaces as part of large-scale projects, as well as smaller scale landscaping and building work.

What are the different applications of Yorkstone paving?

  • Large scale project work: thanks to the material’s all-purpose benefits, our Yorkstone supplies are used in many large-scale construction projects. Our premium British Scoutmoor stone, for example, features at many iconic and prestigious locations across the UK, including Trafalgar Square.
  • Stairways: Yorkstone steps create a wonderful decorative staircase in any outdoor setting, with durability to match their style.