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Advance 5 Rapid Drying Screed

Advance 5 is a rapid drying semi-dry sand/cement screed aimed at time-critical projects. Suitable for fully bonded, un-bonded or floating constructions and under-heated floors with or without fibre reinforcement.

Suitable for use in high traffic areas such as airports, shopping centres and hospitals where a high strength (Category A) screed is required. Advance 5 is capable of receiving floor coverings such as tiles, wood, carpet, vinyl and other toppings listed in BS8203;2001.

This high performance factory-batched floor screed features high strength, rapid drying time and low porosity. Advance 5 has been developed to compete against the leading specification driven fast drying, high strength screeds. It dries at a rate of 5mm of depth per day, delivering crucial build time and cost reductions, (conventional screeds dry at around 1mm per day.)

  • Computer batched
  • High strength and durability, Category A
  • Drying time of 5mm per day
  • Accepts foot traffic after 12 hours and full traffic at 7 days
  • Allows faster placing of final floor finishes
  • Reduces project time and cost
  • Compatible with the majority of timber frame systems
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