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classica precious stone planter

Classica Circular Planter

The Bellitalia Classica Circular Planter is a self-levelling planter available in two sizes - the 300-litre Classica 1220 and the 600-litre Classica 1620. Classica planters are manufactured from precious stone concrete, sandblasted and finished with a transparent anti-decay coating, or, upon request, with nanotechnology and/or anti-graffiti products.

The planter's circular form is enhanced with a band of copper or stainless steel running in the central groove around the full circumference.

The Classica boasts a permanent water reservoir, a rooting ventilation system and overflow drain. These guarantee soil humidity levels and prevent the dispersion of internal water.

The planter's body is attached to its base by three bolts in axle boxes, which can be adjusted for slopes up to 6% in gradient. Lifting eyes and reinforcements on the planter's two upper elements and its base ease lifting and handling.

  • Two sizes available – Classica 1220 and Classica 1620
  • Water reserve ensures optimal soil humidity
  • Choice of precious stone colours, white granite conglomerate or grey concrete
  • Smooth, stone-blasted finish or rustic, rougher finish
  • Optional anti-graffiti coating
  • Reinforced and fitted with lifting eyes for ease of handling
  • Permanent water reservoir, rooting ventilation system and overflow drain
Product Name Length (mm) Overall Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Fixing Method Capacity (L)
Classica Planter Large 1620 650 1290 Free Standing 600
Classica Planter Small 1220 650 952 Free Standing 300