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geo disc luminaire

Geo Disc LED Luminaire

The elegantly designed Geo Disc LED Luminaire is a versatile lighting solution that provides outstanding photometric attainment and light distribution. It is offered in two sizes; Disc 600, which houses three 6-LED modules and Disc 750, which houses four 6-LED modules. Each size uses S-class optics to deliver a wide road lighting distribution with full cut-off.

The very efficient and powerful CREE XML LEDs, housed in modules of six, enable multiple-module specification for higher lighting requirements. Both the 3 and 4 module configurations can be operated at five running currents ranging from 350mA to 2100mA, providing a variety of efficiency and output options.

The LED modules and control gear are sealed to IP66, protecting them from dust and water. The standard colour temperature is 5000°K, although 4000°K and 3500°K are available if requested.

An exceptionally low-profile aluminium body and silver-coated powder finish ensure the Geo Disc LED Luminaire always looks great in-situ. Other colours and finishes are available according to project requirements. Full consultation and lighting design service using Lighting Reality and Relux software is available on request.

  • Choice of 5 running currents
  • Wide road lighting distribution with full cut-off
  • Choice of 2 sizes
  • Alternative colours and finishes
  • Coordinates with other Geo street furniture and signage