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Godot Planter

The Godot Bench has been designed in a way that requires combining two bench modules together. The bench has a semiciruclar opening at one end, which when combining two bench modules together, creates an circular space in the centre for tree plantation to grow, whilst still allowing space for users to apporach, sit down and relax in the shade. Godot Bench is made from reinforced concrete.

  • Serves as a Seat and tree guard for existign and newly planted trees
  • Available in three lengths
  • Compatible with Universe Timber Accessory System
  • Choice of colour finishes
  • Option of integrated LED lighting within modules
  • Create seating arrangements using all sizes

Price Range

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NBSPlus Codes

Q50 Site/street furniture/equipment

escofet godot backless bench
Product Name Length (mm) Overall Height (mm) Capacity (L)
Godot Single Planter 950 450 100
Godot Double Planter 1550 450 100
Godot Triple Planter 2150 450 100