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i jumbo container

i-jumbo Smart Litter Bin

The intelligent iJumbo Smart Litter Bin provides an attractive, eco-friendly waste collection solution to keep urban spaces clean. Manufactured from galvanised steel, it is designed to be a durable and low maintenance addition to any landscape.

The innovative design uses modern technology, through data transmission and an electronic terminal, to record and communicate when the bin is full and needs to be emptied. Staff have no direct contact with the waste thanks to the innovative removal process, where suction is applied to a specified galvanised steel hatch.

The waste is stored in a buried waterproof galvanised steel container in either 450L or 750L sizes to suit varying underground depths and capacity requirements. Choose from a variety of aesthetically pleasing compatible litter bins to suit any project’s requirements.

  • Manufactured from galvanised steel
  • Built-in data transmission for communication
  • Buried 750L or 450L waterproof waste container
  • Electronic terminal to measure fill level
  • Eco-friendly solution for towns and cities

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