Cast Stone Keystone

Keystones can be used in conjunction with any lintel type and are avialable in a variety of sizes. Due to our bespoke service we can include motifs, letters and numerals on the keystone to create those all important personalised finishing touches. We are also able to produce cosmetic or ‘clip-on’ keystones that give the appearance of a joined, three piece lintel if more suitable.

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Product Name Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
Plain Keystone PK1 120 290 24
Plain Keystone PK2 120 215 18
Plain Keystone PK3 100 215 15
Chamfered Keystone CK1 100 290 28
Chamfered Keystone CK2 100 290 22
Cosmetic Keystone LK1 40 290 7