l-shape walls

L Shape Retaining Walls

Manufactured in an assortment of sizes, precast concrete L shape retaining walls are ideal for a variety of applications including soil retention, storage, cladding, security, blast/fire walls, agricultural applications and division walls.

L Shape precast concrete walls are both simple and quick to install, as well as being easy to handle.

The cost effective L shape walling requires a suitable concrete foundation to ensure they match both ground bearing and stability requirements, which should be sourced from a qualified engineer.

The L- Shape units are manufactured from C50 concrete with 50mm nominal cover to reinforcement up to 2.5m, 30mm nominal cover to reinforcement for 3.0m standard sections, a 3.0m bespoke unit can be made to order with a 50mm nominal cover upon request. 50mm cover provides a 100-year design life(exposure class XD3), 30mm cover provides a 50-year design life (exposure class XC3/4) in accordance with BS 8500-1.

Benefits of L-Shape Walling include:

  • No specialist trades required for construction.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Ideal for forming both retaining and containing structure.
  • Easy to handle.



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