Link Litter Bin

The Link street furniture range is sleek, simplistic and eco-friendly. Designed in association with ecological designer Philippe Riehling, the collection seeks to encourage new styles of social interaction in public spaces.

The 80L Link Litter Bin benefits from a clean, contemporary design. The base is constructed from galvanised steel while the attractive body and door of the bin consist of 12 wooden slats. Timber autoclave treatment ensures longevity of wood in a variety of weather conditions.

The Link street furniture range also includes tables, seats, a lounger and a cycle stand.

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Part of the Link furniture range
  • Timber treated for longevity in all conditions
  • Eco-friendly

Price Range

  • £
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NBSPlus Codes

Q50 Site/street furniture/equipment



01422 312993