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Loci Intelligent Monolith

The contemporary Loci Collection offers a powerful visual impact suitable for use across all modern commercial schemes due to its clean square forms and linear design.

This is the first coordinated range to be integrated with M-LIVE, a revolutionary technology that enhances how we interact with the environment in which we live. The Loci Intelligent Monolith acknowledges the proximity of an intelligent tag, a pocket-sized device registered with a user’s specific needs by illuminating on approach.

It then responds to a specific request, such as providing audible information on current location or the nearest public transport network.

Consisting of a galvanised steel frame, aluminium logo and base panels, the Loci Intelligent Monolith includes a reverse applied vinyl on toughened glass, and is fully colour-customisable with choice of durable polyester powder coating options.

• Contemporary intelligent street furniture

• Integrated with M-LIVE technology

• Galvanised precision fabricated steel frame

• Reverse applied vinyl on toughened glass

• Colour-customisable with choice of all RAL shades

  • Bluetooth Beacon enabled
  • Optional control of lighting elements
  • Ability to deliver audio messaging for inclusive design

Carbon Footprint

Available on Request
loci intelligent monolith

Certification Logos and Accreditations

  • Accreditation Made in Britain Logo