Cast Stone Pedestals and Spheres

We offer a range of pedestals and spheres that can be used as individual componats to add decorative finishes to walls, but can also be used as part of a ‘finial set’. We offer two different size pedestals that can be used to raise a sphere off a pier cap; the two pedestals are 230mm and 340mm square respectively. Spheres, along with a pedestal or as part of a finial set are offered in the following sizes: 215mm, 230mm, 340mm and 450mm diameters.

Any of our four-times weathered pier caps can be adapted to allow the incorporation of a sphere with or without a pedestal.

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Certification Logos and Accreditations

  • Accreditation CSA logo Logo
Product Name Diameter (mm)
Cast Stone SPH215 215
Cast Stone SPH230 230
Cast Stone SPH340 340
Cast Stone SPH450 450
Cast Stone Pedestal 230
Cast Stone Pedestal 340