cast stone porticos and columns

Cast Stone Porticos and Columns

Create grand and impressive entrances with the use of cast stone porticos and columns.

Our bespoke service means we can work with you to create porticos and columns that incoorporate perfectly with every type of building design.

We use standard components, which will be used in conjunction with your bepoke designs. Our standard portico components can include (but is not restricted to):

  • Copings
  • Upper/lower corbels
  • Upper/lower cornices
  • Friezes
  • Lower corbels
  • Internal/external lintels
  • Column capital blocks
  • Upper/mid/lower column sections
  • Column plinth blocks

Our standard portico components include a two piece plinth, four piece tapering or straight column, and a choice of architrave options. Decorative finishes such as a cornice and coping are also offered from our list of components.

There are other uses of our portico components such as independent columns, as a colonnade, as pilasters or within door surrounds/entrance porches and we are happy to discuss the different ways these can be integrated into your designs.

Our team of technical estimators can assist you with the design, colour and the finish of your porticos and columns, but early consultation is recommended to allow your designs to be encorporated into your build, ensuring manufacture and delivery of the components within your required lead times.

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Certification Logos and Accreditations

  • Accreditation CSA logo Logo
Product Name Height (mm) Profile (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
Base PRTB1 295 400x400 90
Plinth PRTL11 195 400x400 53
Column PRTTC1 810 300 104
Column PRTTC2 810 287 100
Column PPRTC3 810 273 96
Capital PRTCAP 145 380x380 38
Architrave ARCH 275 Various 100