M-LIVE street furniture rangeM-LIVE street furniture range

For intelligent street furniture that anticipates the needs of the public and improves accessibility, explore the M-LIVE furniture range from Marshalls.

The M-LIVE street furniture collection features intelligent bollards and a monolith that react to personalised tags. They work by acknowledging the proximity of a pocket-sized device registered with a user’s specific needs and respond with various functions.

The M-LIVE Intelligent Bollard provides audible information on the individual’s current location, nearest crossing point or even the nearest point of interest – perfect for wayfinding and for making your street scene accessible for the visually-impaired.

The Loci Intelligent Monolith illuminates when approached, and can provide audible information on current location, or directions to the nearest point of interest or public transport network.

Designed in a sleek, contemporary style, M-LIVE street furniture fits seamlessly into urban, contemporary builds, offering clever solutions without detracting from the overall design aesthetic.

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